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Bellatrix Aluminium and Glass

At Bellatrix Aluminium and Glass, we bring your architectural visions to life through the fusion of creativity, precision, and craftsmanship. With a legacy across experience of expert people over [17years], we have established ourselves as a leading provider of innovative Decorative Glasses (our expertise), aluminum and glass work that uplifts aesthetics concepts of decorative glasses. Bellatrix Aluminium and Glass always endeavors hard in providing the highest quality product & offers at competitive rates.

We offer a wide range of products and services including Supply and installation of Aluminum and Glass, architectural and structural Glazing, Bend Glass, Fused Glass, Stained glass and all Decorative Glasses.

We offer competitive pricing, high level of service with the support of experienced staff and skilled work force equipped with the best machinery.

Transforming your ideas into practical solutions, Bellatrix Aluminium & Glass Works Company LLC provides prompt service and quality products to Commercial Houses, Luxury hotels, Corporate and Residential Sectors. Bellatrix Aluminium & Glass Works Company LLC has succeeded in providing quality products and services with a broad perspective combined with practical experience, artistic ┬░air and satisfied almost every client with its outcome. We are committed to realizing innovative ideas with the utmost in quality.


The transparency of glass makes it a unique material. It is made to look through and to connect us to the outside environment.


Made from natural and available resources, glass is an inert material, which can be endlessly recycled into new glass products.


Designed to last for decades, to endure all weather conditions and usages while always maintaining its resistance and safety properties.

Beautifully Built

Honing our creative expertise, we create bespoke original glass designs that are beautiful, vibrant and versatile, exactly the way you want it.